600 California St.

San Francisco

600 California St.

The Property

600 California Street is a high-rise commercial property in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The building possesses a three-story, below-grade parking garage that houses approximately 220 vehicles. The garage is open to the public Monday through Friday and only to tenants on weekends.

The Savings Opportunity

The garage is ventilated by five (5) exhaust fans totaling 130 horsepower (HP). To avoid peak demand charges, property management ran four of the five garage fans an average of less than 3.5 hours per day. Combined, the motors consumed 241,655-kilowatt hours (kWh) and 91.62 peak kilowatts (kW) per year, at a cost of $25,100. A contributing factor was the fact that garage fans runtimes were scheduled in the midst of peak demand hours.

600 California St.

The NES Solution

NES convinced the property owners that our DCV system was capable of substantially increasing fan runtimes – to adhere to garage ventilation code requirements – while dramatically reducing energy consumption, hence costs.

In this instance, we were required to nearly quadruple fan runtimes – from 3.5 to 12 hours per day.

Project Highlights

94% Savings After Quadrupling the Garage Fan Runtimes

$21,100 in Energy Savings Within the First Year

The Results

Three (3) weeks of post-installation data logging showed extraordinary results. The system, along with our project design and ventilation strategy, provided an actual, annual energy savings amounting to 226,899 kWh and 87.7 kW in demand reduction. That represents a 93.9% reduction in kWh consumption and a 95.7% decrease in peak kW demand when operated on the recommended time schedule.


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About Nagle Energy Solutions (NES)

Nagle Energy Solutions, LLC is a manufacturer, distributor and installer of an innovative demand-control ventilation (DCV) system for commercial garages that reduces energy consumption in the range of 95% – with quantifiable savings as high as 97% achieved – all while leaving your garage fan motors running.

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