655 Beach Street / American Academy of Ophthalmology

San Francisco

655 Beach Street / American Academy of Ophthalmology

The Property

The property includes a three-level, below-grade parking garage that houses up to 160 vehicles. Daily garage occupancy and traffic is best described as "high volume." So much so that, according to AAO facilities management, the cost to ventilate the garage historically represented slightly more than 10% of the Academy's total, annual energy consumption.

The Savings Opportunity

The 655 Beach Street/AAO garage is ventilated on a 24/7 basis by three (3) exhaust fans and one (1) supply fan totaling 28.5 horsepower (HP). Prior to retrofit, the garage fans consumed 146,926-kilowatt hours (kWh) and 16.8 peak kilowatts (kW) per year, which at a utility rate of $0.16/kWh, amounts to an annual cost of $23,508.

655 Beach Street / American Academy of Ophthalmology

The NES Solution

NES worked the AAO director of facilities to project design and install a Tridium JACE-controlled system. It is designed to provide optimum functionality and system features, including scalability and an “open” communications platform that comports with many BMS and/or EMS communication protocols. Furthermore, it distinguishes itself by its ability to interface with variable frequency drive (VFD) technology to track real-time energy consumption/savings.

Project Highlights

Garage Retrofit Reduced Entire Property’s Annual Utility Bill by Nearly 10%

The Results

The resulting energy savings proved to be exceptional. The Tridium JACE system, combined with NES’s project design and ventilation strategy, delivered an annual energy savings of 140,661 kWh and reduced peak kW demand by 16.1 kW, representing a 95.7% reduction in both kWh consumption and peak kW demand.

The NES system effectively reduced the AAO’s annual garage ventilation costs to now represent less than one half of 1% – 0.43% – of its total annual energy consumption.


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