NES FS Series Garage Ventilation Controller


The recently introduced NES FS controller is designed to serve as a “stand-alone” demand-control ventilation (DCV) system for small- to medium-sized commercial garages, but it can be readily scaled to comport with BACnet® and Modbus® communication protocols and deliver a high degree of functionality and value-added features.

The NES FS-20’s built-in VPN allows for secure remote connectivity, and an optional, onboard display facilitates trouble-free commissioning, system adjustments and troubleshooting.  It can be configured to control up to 25 devices, including gas sensors, e.g., CO & NO2, variable frequency drives (VDS) and Input/output (IO) modules.  It can control a single zone or multiple zones.

Key Features

  • Panel-mounted, 10-inch Android display – for stand-alone systems.
  • Drivers specific to BACnet® and Modbus® to communicate with an existing, corresponding building management system (BMS).
  • Accessibility by any web browser.
  • Adjustable occupied, unoccupied, enable and purge schedules.
  • Can provide alerts for calibration and replacement of sensors.
  • Can provide critical alarm notification via emailed notifications.
  • Trending available for all points, and trend reports can be generated and saved as a PDF or as an excel document on your PC.


  • Front panel interface to allow power and communications for laptops – when a wireless router is not employed.
  • Wireless router.

NES FS-20 Controller Specifications (PDF)

NES FS Series Garage Ventilation Controller
NES FS Series Garage Ventilation Controller
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