Seamless System & Device Control Integration

The NES Command Control System

NES has taken the Engineering Design Process – ask, imagine, plan, create and improve – to its culmination. 

We’ve inverted the current mechanical design paradigm such that facility managers and engineers can now extend out and “pull in” to a single network “hub” historically disparate devices for control and/or monitoring.

The NES Command Control System provides a centralized source for smart-building performance control. This means Chiller/Boiler Plant Filtration systems, HVAC/VAV integration, VFD networks, Fire/Life Safety, DX and Furnace systems, Garage Demand-control Ventilation and Lighting systems, sump pumps and more can now be managed by a single source.

No longer must these systems and devices be “siloed,” operating independent of one another or, at best, utilizing manual or simple rules-based controls.

With our proprietary, patented garage ventilation sequencing at its core, the NES Command Control System solves a fundamental problem by bringing together systems and devices most building automation and energy management systems leave unaccounted.


The ultimate building automation performance control solution with a proven capability to optimize operational efficiencies and maximize energy savings.


  • BACnet/IP & BACnet/MSTP
  • Full EMS/BMS integration
  • Fully customizable graphics
  • Multi-state automation

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About Nagle Energy Solutions

Founded in 2009, Nagle Energy Solutions (NES) develops and distributes an innovative automation control system (ACS) for commercial properties which markedly increases operational efficiencies and reduces energy consumption.

The NES Command Control System provides the ultimate smart-building performance control solution for Green Energy, HVAC, Process Water and Fire/Life Safety integration and Electrical Lighting systems… and more. Consequently, it saves on labor and material costs while improving quality, accuracy and precision.

NES’s proficiency is rooted in having set the standard for what’s attainable performance and energy savings-wise in the garage ventilation controls industry. Our patented ventilation control sequencing for enclosed, commercial garages routinely achieves kilowatt-hour (kWh) and peak kilowatt (kW) savings in the range of 95% – with quantifiable savings as high as 97% – all while the garage fans run continuously.

NES digital controllers and peripherals are scalable and conform to several building management system (BMS) and energy management system (EMS) communication platforms, and they possess the capability to monitor and report on energy consumption/savings.

Moreover, the NES system integrates a web server that enables facility managers to conduct system status checks and adjust operational parameters – from anywhere in the world.

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How has Nagle Energy Solutions stayed ahead of the curve?

NES Solutions

Plug & Play Solutions

Configure the NES Command Control Center or the NES Garage Demand-control Ventilation System to your specific, smart-building requirements

Custom Solutions

We can help determine which NES application – the NES Command Control Center or the NES Garage DCV System – is best suited to your building control needs

Campus building at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago Illinois IL USA

IIT Research Validates Energy Savings & Indoor Air Quality Advantages of NES Ventilation Control System

A comprehensive, peer-reviewed study by the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) quantifies the distinct energy saving and air quality advantages delivered by the Nagle Energy Solutions (NES) demand-control ventilation (DCV) system when compared to the predominant ventilation control strategies.

Demand-control ventilation, fluid control and equipment sequencing has never been more customizable and versatile

Plug & Play SolutionsCustom Solutions
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