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Product Design Services

We’re available to help you determine which NES control system is best suited to your requirements.  With our versatile – and scalable – line of controllers and peripherals, we can help you design a building controls system from small in scope to expansive.

Commissioning Services

Whether you select our Plug & Play or Custom Solution, we’re here to provide the level of support you require to commission your particular system.

Specific to our Plug & Play systems, NES is available to program and pre-address the applicable devices, e.g., VFDs and gas sensors, such that, once the system is installed and properly wired, it’s ready to run. That said, we’re available to help troubleshoot as necessary.

For our Custom Solution, commissioning services and fees will be commensurate with the degree to which our team is involved in the project’s overall scope of work and, of course, the project location.

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