NES Controllers

Plug & Play Solutions

Enabling Smarter Buildings

Providing a basic, standardized, plug & play designcontrols integration has never been more straightforward and simpler. The NES systems proprietary optimization features improve operational efficiencies and maximize the energy savings opportunity – with our core demand-control ventilation sequencing reducing kWh and peak kW by an average of 95% (and often as high a 97%) in enclosed garages. 

With a non-proprietary web applianceBACnet integration and centralized control power, the NES Command Control Center is the complete package…. Fully expandable, 100% upgradable and virtually limitless!

Or configure your design-build from scratch

plug and play complete solution

NES Plug & Play Complete Solution

Select your NES controller along with all of the necessary components to create your own all-in-one solution.

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