Pacific Terrace

San Francisco

Pacific Terrace

The Property

Managed by Meridian Management Group, Pacific Terrace is a newly constructed apartment complex on Lower Russian Hill in San Francisco. The property possesses a small, enclosed garage for tenants, which according to applicable codes and standards, requires continuous – 24/7 – mechanical ventilation.

The Savings Opportunity

Power measurements by NES showed the 10-horsepower motor exhausting the garage on a 24/7 basis consumed 64,590 kWh annually, with a correlating peak-period demand of 7.37 kW. At an electric utility rate of $0.25/kWh, Meridian Management Group’s annual cost to ventilate the Pacific Terrace garage amounted to $16,150.

Pacific Terrace

NES System Solution

NES installed our FG-20 digital controller and peripherals as a “stand-alone” system. It comes standard with a 9” Android display providing HTML graphic capabilities, thereby enabling Pacific Terrace property management to set and manage the system’s operational parameters at the controller, with real-time views of system component performance, e.g., VFD and motor speeds, CO sensor readings, milliamp continuity, etc.

Project Highlight

The NES FG-20 system cut the total, annual electric bill for Pacific Terrace common areas – including the garage – by 45%

The Results

NES FG-20 garage DCV system reduced the garage fan motor's kWh consumption by more than 61,300 kWh a year – a 95% savings. Peak kW demand was reduced by 7 kW, which also equates to a 95% savings. The property owner will realize a minimum cash inflow (from savings) exceeding $210,000 throughout our system's 15-year lifespan.


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