NES Digital Garage Ventilation System Achieves 95% Energy Savings – Again!

Pacific Terrace

Reduces Commercial Property’s Total, Annual Utility Bill More Than 40% 

MENLO PARK, CA, June 11, 2015Nagle Energy Solutions (NES) announced today its digital garage ventilation system reduced kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption by more than 61,300 kWh at a San Francisco apartment building, which represents a 95% decrease in the energy consumed by the property’s garage ventilation equipment – and a more than 40% decrease in the total, annual electric bill for the property’s common areas, including the garage.

The resulting financial benefit was to cut by more than $15,300 the annual utility bill for Pacific Terrace, an apartment building in the Lower Russian Hill District of San Francisco, all while the property’s sizeable garage exhaust fan motor continues to run on a 24/7 basis.

Engineers for the regional utility verified the energy savings captured by the NES garage demand-control ventilation (DCV) system, issuing a $5,900 rebate to the property owner for the energy savings obtained by the NES system. After rebate, the system pays for itself in just 14 months.

“To say we’re pleased with the savings the NES system achieved would be an understatement,” said Joseph Luchini of Meridian Management Group, which manages operations at Pacific Terrace. “The NES system reduced our combined, annual utility expenses considerably while ensuring the health and safety of building staff, tenants and visitors.”

Based on the energy savings the NES DCV system will capture throughout its 15-year lifespan, the property owner will realize a minimum cash inflow (from savings) exceeding $212,000. Additionally, based on a total installation and commissioning cost of $18,400, the project’s net present value (NPV) exceeds $176,000.

“To be sure, that’s money well spent,” noted Mr. Luchini.

Power (kW) measurements by NES showed that, prior to retrofit, the Pacific Terrace garage ventilation system consumed approximately 64,600 kWh per year at a cost of $16,330 – including daily peak demand charges incurred due to running its 10-horsepower (HP) garage fan motor continuously on a 24/7 basis. The NES system reduced kWh consumption by more than 61,300 kWh – a 95% savings – all while maintaining a 24/7 runtime schedule.

Nagle Energy Solutions installed its digital FG-20 garage ventilation system at Pacific Terrace. Unlike the NES TR Series of controllers, which incorporate a Niagara programming framework suited to large-scale projects, the NES FG-20 controller incorporates EasyIO’s Sadona programming framework, which NES customizes to serve as a “stand-alone” DCV system for small- to medium-sized commercial garages. In addition to its robust functionality and value-added features, when required, the NES FG-20 is readily scalable to comport with BACnet® and Modbus® communication protocols.

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IIT Research Validates Energy Savings & Indoor Air Quality Advantages of NES Ventilation Control System

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