CityView Plaza

Location: San Jose
The Property
Cityview Plaza possesses a large, commercial garage, accommodating up to 1,100 vehicles. Daily traffic and occupancy are always at maximum levels. The garage includes a small, enclosed portion at ground level and two (2) fully enclosed, below-grade levels requiring mechanical ventilation.
The Savings Opportunity
The below-grade levels are ventilated by two (2), 15-horsepower (HP) motors, which exhaust vehicle fumes on a 24/7 basis. The enclosed, ground-level portion is ventilated on a 24/7 basis by a 10-HP exhaust fan motor. Pre-retrofit energy consumption totaled 197,000 kWh per year. With a utility rate of $0.155/kWh, the cost to ventilate the garage amounted to $30,036 annually. That amount represented 9.3 % of Cityview Plaza's total, annual energy bill (excluding tenant space).
The NES Solution
The NES FG-20 digital, DCV system is designed to serve as a “stand-alone” system, but it is readily scalable. In this instance, property management selected the Modbus-communicating, web-enabled version of the FG-20 system, such that the chief engineer and his staff are able to set and manage the system’s operational parameters from their desktops, with real-time views of system component performance, e.g., VFD and motor speeds, individual CO sensor readings, milliamp continuity, etc.
Project Highlight
NES FG-20 Achieves 96.5% kWh & Peak kW Demand Savings Garage ventilation costs now just 0.36% of the property’s total, annual energy bill
The Results
Data logging showed the NES FG-20 garage DCV system reduce the garage fan motors’ combined kWh consumption by more than 190,000 kWh a year – an 96.5% savings. Peak kW demand also was reduced by 96.5%. CityView management now pays just $87.50 a month – merely 0.36% of the property's annual energy bill – to ventilate its garage. After a $19,277 incentive/rebate from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), the NES system pays for itself in just 14.7 months.
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